Fall 2008 Schedule

September 12th:Jon Wilkening, UC Berkeley
Time-periodic solutions of the Benjamin–Ono equation
September 19th:Ed Feng, UC Berkeley Chemistry
Pulling on RNA and Getting Equilibrium Properties
September 26th:Laurent Demanet, Stanford University
Compressive wave computation
October 3rd:Martin Bazant, Stanford University
Induced-Charge Electrokinetic Phenomena
October 10th:Tom Hou, Caltech
Recent Progress on Dynamic Stability and Global Regularity of 3D Incompressible Euler and Navier–Stokes Equations
October 17th:no seminar
October 24th:Mathias Drton, University of Chicago
Hypothesis testing in algebraic statistical models
October 31st:David Bindel, Courant Institute
Bounds and Error Estimates for Nonlinear Eigenvalue Problems
November 7th:Jean-Christophe Nave, MIT
Multi-Component Flows, Small Structures, and a Gradient Augmented Level Set Method
November 14th:Silas Alben, Georgia Tech
Optimal flexibility in flapping appendages
November 19th:
Leslie Greengard, Georgia Tech
A New Formalism for Electromagnetic Scattering in Complex Geometry
November 28th:Thanksgiving
December 5th:J. Nathan Kutz, University of Washington
Models for High-Power Pulsed Lasers