Fall 2009 Schedule

September 16th:Grigory Barenblatt, UC Berkeley
Fracture and Fatigue – A challenge for applied mathematicians
September 23rd:Jim McElwaine, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Segregation in Frictional Granular Flows
September 30th:Xuemin Tu, UC Berkeley
Implicit sampling for nonlinear filters
October 7th:Mal Kalos, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Fermion Monte Carlo
October 14th:Fai Ma, UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering
The decoupling of linear systems
October 21st:Jonathan Weare, Courant Institute
Practical rare event simulation for small noise diffusions
October 28th:Shreyas Mandre, Harvard University
Events before droplet splashing on a solid surface
November 4th:Tobias Schneider, Harvard University
Nonlinear dynamics and the turbulence transition in pipe flow
November 11th:Veterans Day
November 17th:Maria Cameron, Courant Institute
The MaxFlux Functional: Derivation, Numerics, and Application to LJ-38
November 18th:Andrea Bertozzi, UC Los Angeles
Dynamics of Kinematic Aggregation Equations in Multiple Dimensions
November 25th:Thanksgiving
December 2nd:Peter Bickel, UC Berkeley
Inference for unlabeled graphs
December 9th:Robert Miller, Oregon State University
Estimating Initial Conditions for Approximate Models with Incomplete Data