Fall 2010 Schedule

September 8th:Joseph Teran, UC Los Angeles
A second order virtual node algorithm for Poisson interface problems on irregular domains
September 15th:Rouslan Krechetnikov, UC Santa Barbara
Dissipation-induced instabilities
September 22nd:Saverio Spagnolie, UC San Diego
Swimming and Flying at Low and Intermediate Reynolds Numbers
September 29th:Jonathan Weare, University of Chicago
Affine invariant Markov chain Monte Carlo
October 6th:Boris Shraiman, UC Santa Barbara
Evolution, Sex and Epistasis
October 13th:Ben Akers, University of Illinois at Chicago
Water waves with surface tension
October 20th:Michael Minion, UNC Chapel Hill
Novel Methods for Temporal Integration
October 27th:Claus-Dieter Munz, University of Stuttgart
Discontinuous Galerkin schemes with local time-stepping for unsteady flow simulations
November 3rd:Bernard Deconinck, University of Washington
The Stability of Finite-genus Solutions of Integrable Equations
November 10th:Alina Chertock, North Carolina State University
Interaction dynamics of singular wave fronts computed by particle methods
November 17th:Dominic Vella, Oxford University
Elasto-capillarity: From capillary wrinkling to flexible electronics
November 24th:Thanksgiving
December 1st:Michael Mascagni, Florida State University
Novel stochastic methods in biochemical electrostatics