Fall 2011 Schedule

September 14th:Michael Pejic, UC Berkeley
Bayesian Quantum Mechanics Incorporating Weak Measurements
September 21st:Robert Saye, UC Berkeley / LBL
A new interface tracking method for multiphase physics: geometry, foams and thin films
September 28th:Ethan Atkins, UC Berkeley / LBL
Exact Coulomb Propagators for Green's Function Monte Carlo
October 5th:Sergey Fomel, UT Austin
Wave Equations and Wave Extrapolations in Seismic Imaging
October 12th:No seminar
October 19th:No seminar
October 26th:Mohammad Rafiee, UC Berkeley Mechanical Engineering
State Estimation in Large-Scale Open Channel Networks Using Sequential Monte Carlo
November 2nd:Heinz Kreiss, Swedish Academy of Sciences
The initial boundary value problems for symmetric second order hyperbolic systems
November 9th:John Bell, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Finite volume methods for fluctuating hydrodynamics
November 16th:Lisa Goldberg, UC Berkeley
Will My Risk Parity Strategy Outperform?
November 23rd:Thanksgiving
November 30th:Molei Tao, Caltech
Multiscale Geometric Integration and Analysis of Deterministic and Stochastic Systems
December 7th:James Bremer
Recent Progress in Integral Equation Methods