Fall 2012 Schedule

September 19th:Eric King, UC Berkeley
Planetary convection: heat transfer by rotating flows
September 26th:Reza Alam, UC Berkeley
Bragg Resonance of Water Waves and its Applications
October 3rd:Youssef Marzouk, MIT
Bayesian inference and data assimilation with optimal maps
October 10th:Alex Mogilner, UC Davis
Polarization and turning of motile cells
October 17th:Linda Petzold, UC Santa Barbara
Spatial Stochastic Amplification in Cell Polarization
October 24th:No seminar
October 31st:Sanjay Govindjee, UC Berkeley
Computational modeling in high frequency MEMS resonator design
November 7th:Paul Atzberger, UC Santa Barbara
Hydrodynamics of Lipid Bilayer Membranes
November 14th:Manuela Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University
Symbiotic Autonomy: Robots, Humans, and the Web
November 21st:Thanksgiving
November 28th:Claire Tomlin, UC Berkeley
Verification and Control of Hybrid Systems using Reachability Analysis with Machine Learning
December 5th:Wanda Strychalski, UC Davis
Insights into cytoplasmic rheology gained from modeling cellular blebbing