Fall 2014 Schedule

September 3rd:Angel Rubio, Universitdad de Pais Vasco
Efficient implementation of time-dependent density-functional theory to treat non-linear dynamical processes in molecular nanostructures and solids
September 10th:Houman Owhadi, Caltech
Bayesian Numerical Homogenization
September 17th:David Mazziotti, University of Chicago
Semidefinite programming for weakly and strongly correlated quantum systems
September 24th:Tarek Zohdi, University of California, Berkeley
Modeling and Simulation of Multiphysical Processes for Advanced Manufacturing of New Multifunctional Materials
October 1st:Tan Bui, University of Texas, Austin
Towards Large-Scale Computational Science and Engineering with Quantifiable Uncertainty
October 7th:
Please notice this additional talk on Tuesday, 2-3pm, in 740 Evans.
Mitchell Luskin, University of Minnesota
Hyper-QC: A method to coarse-grain space and accelerate time
October 8th:Evangelos Theodorou, Georgia Tech
Stochastic Control and Trajectory Optimization: Information Theoretic Interpretations and Algorithms.
October 15th:Blake Temple, University of California, Davis
An Instability in the Standard Model Creates the Anomalous Acceleration Without Dark Energy
October 22nd:Samuel Isaacson, Boston University
Stochastic Reaction-Diffusion Methods for Modeling Cellular Processes
October 29th:Eric Brown, Yale
Universal models for large-scale coherent flow structures in turbulence
November 5th:Bruce Buffett, University of California, Berkeley
A Stochastic Description of Fluctuations and Polarity Reversals in the Earth's Magnetic Field
November 12th:Neelesh Patankar, Northwestern University
A constraint–based formulation for freely moving immersed solid bodies in fluids
November 19th:No seminar
November 26th:Thanksgiving
December 3rd:Jon McAuliffe, University of California, Berkeley
Scalable variational inference for a generative model of astronomical images
December 10th:Todd Martinez, Stanford
Tensor Hypercontraction for Electronic Structure Theory