Fall 2017 Schedule

August 30th :Marcus Roper, UCLA
Optimality in microvascular networks
September 5th, LBNL 50A-5132, 2:00PM-3:00PM:
Note the special date, time, and location
Stephen Roberts, Australian National University
Multi-fidelity surrogate-based parameter estimation
September 13th:No seminar
September 20th:Kurt Maute, University of Colorado, Boulder
Topology Optimization of Nonlinear Problems in Solid and Fluid Mechanics
September 27th:Hyunsun Alicia Kim, University of California, San Diego
Topology Optimization for Multiscale and Multiphysics Design
October 4th:Yoonsang Lee, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Reduced Order Data Assimilation for Complex Systems
October 11th:Robert Haber, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Asynchronous Spacetime Discontinuous Galerkin Methods: Barrier-Free Parallel–Adaptive Solutions and Other Recent Progress
October 18th:Ryan Elliott, University of Minnesota
Computational Structures and Materials Characterization with Branch-Following and Bifurcation Techniques
October 25th:Celia Reina, University of Pennsylvania
Multiscale modeling and simulation: some challenges and new perspectives
November 1st:Evan Gawlik, University of California, San Diego
Interpolation of Manifold-Valued Functions via the Polar Decomposition
November 8th:No seminar
November 15th:Masayuki Yano, University of Toronto
Towards reliable and automated solution of PDEs: error estimation, adaptation, and model reduction
November 22nd:Thanksgiving break
November 29th:Tim Warburton, Virginia Tech
GPU Accelerated Incompressible Flow Solvers
December 6th:Irina Tezaur, Sandia National Laboratories
Stability-preserving projection-based model order reduction for compressible flows
December 13th:Krzysztof Fidkowski, University of Michigan
Theory and Applications of Unstructured h-p Mesh Optimization for Computational Fluid Dynamics