Fall 2018 Schedule

August 30th, 4PM-5PM, Evans 60:
Note the special time and location. This is joint with the Math Colloquium and Stat Seminar
Rachel Ward, University of Texas, Austin
Stochastic Gradient Descent: Strong convergence guarantees – without parameter tuning
September 6th:Matthew J. Zahr, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Integrated computational physics and numerical optimization
September 13th:Youngsoo Choi, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
ST-GNAT and SNS: Model order reduction techniques for time-dependent nonlinear system of equations
September 20th:No seminar this week
September 27th:Tzanio Kolev, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Scalable High-Order Finite Elements for Compressible Hydrodynamics
October 4th:Weizhu Bao, National University of Singapore
Computational methods for the dynamics of the nonlinear Schroedinger/Gross-Pitaevskii equations
October 11th:Karthik Duraisamy, University of Michigan
Reduced order modeling of multiscale problems using the Mori-Zwanzig formalism
October 18th:Jianxin Zhu, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Dynamical mean-field theory to strongly correlated electronic systems
October 25th:Samuel Rudy, University of Washington
Data-driven methods for model discovery and approximation
November 1st:Yuan Yao, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Rethinking Generalization and Robustness in Neural Networks: Breiman’s Dilemma and Huber’s Model
November 8th:Yuehaw Khoo, Stanford University
Convex optimization for multimarginal optimal transport problem with Coulomb cost
November 15th:Tengyu Ma, Stanford University
Recent Progress in the Theory of Deep Learning
November 22th:Thanksgiving break
November 29th:Alexandre Chorin, LBNL, UC Berkeley
Renormalization and large eddy simulation for a driven Burgers equation in a hydrodynamic regime
December 6th:Xiuyuan Cheng, Duke University
Convolutional Neural Network with Decomposed Filters