Spring 2009 Schedule

January 30th:Alex Vladimirsky, Cornell University
Homogenization and multiobjective optimization – computational challenges
February 6th:Eric Lauga, UC San Diego
Swimming on small scales: Physical and mathematical constraints
February 13th:Jay Walton, Texas A&M University
A Theory of Brittle Fracture Based upon an Extension of Continuum Mechanics to the Nano-Scale
February 20th:Alex Bayen, UC Berkeley Civil and Environmental Engineering
Construction of lower semi continuous solutions to the Hamilton–Jacobi equation with internal boundary conditions: application to highway traffic monitoring
February 27th:Georgy Golitsyn, A. M. Obukhov Institute for Atmospheric Physics
Is our global warming anthropogenic?
March 6th:Jan Nordström, Uppsala University
A Hybrid Methodology for Unsteady Compressible Flows
March 13th:Alex Arenas, Universidad Rovira i Virgili
Synchronization in complex networks
March 20th:Panos Stinis, University of Minnesota
Phase transition approach to detecting singularities of partial differentialequations
March 27th:Spring Break
April 3rd:Agnese Seminara, Harvard University
Droplet condensation in warm clouds
April 10th:no seminar
April 17th:David Chopp, Northwestern University
A Multi-Species Model for Bacterial Biofilms used in Wastewater Treatment
April 24th:Anja Slim, Harvard University
Elastic-skinned gravity currents
May 1st:Frederic Gibou, UC Santa Barbara
Sharp Interface Numerical Methods for Moving Boundary Problems