Spring 2010 Schedule

January 27th:Lai-Sang Young, Courant Institute
Nonequilibrium steady states for certain Hamiltonian models
January 28th:Lai-Sang Young, Courant Institute
Mathematics of shear-induced Chaos
February 4th:Aleksandar Donev, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Hybrid Particle–Continuum Method for Hydrodynamics of Complex Fluids
February 11th:Mark Dayel, UC Berkeley
A Model for Actin-Based Symmetry Breaking and Motility
February 18th:Michiel Bertsch, University of Rome
The heat flow for director fields
February 22nd:Carlo Nitsch, University of Naples, Federico II
Stability results for some isoperimetric problems
February 25th:Eric Dunham, Stanford University
Numerical Modeling of Earthquake Ruptures
March 4th:Roger Ghanem, USC
V&V or a psychology of models
March 11th:Niles Pierce, Caltech
Programming Molecular Function
March 18th:Eitan Tadmor, University of Maryland
Spectral Dynamics and Critical Thresholds in Nonlinear Convective Equations
March 25th:Spring Break
April 1st:Michael Chertkov, LANL
Optimization and Control Theory for Smart (Power) Grids
April 8th:no seminar
April 15th:Pascale Garaud, UC Santa Cruz
Fingering convection and the formation of thermohaline staircases
April 22nd:Tom Hou, Caltech
Adaptive Data Analysis via Nonlinear Compressed Sensing
April 29th:Eleni Katifori, Rockefeller University
Leaf venation, loops, and optimal transport networks