Nonequilibrium steady states for certain Hamiltonian models

Lai-Sang Young, Courant Institute
January 27th, 2010 at 3PM–4PM in 939 Evans Hall [Map]

Nonequilibrium steady states for two classes of Hamiltonian models with different flavors are discussed. Models in the first class have chaotic local dynamics resulting from particle-disk interactions. An easy-to-compute algorithm for macrocospic profiles such as energy and particle density is proposed, and issues such as memory, finite-size effects and their relation to geometry are discussed. Models in the second class have integrable dynamics. When driven at the boundary, they become ergodic but continue to exhibit anomolous behavior such as non-Gibbsian local distributions. Methodology used includes a mixture of numerics/heuristics and proofs. The results are from joint works with J-P Eckmann, P Balint and K Lin.