Spring 2011 Schedule

January 19th:Rachel Ward, Courant Institute, New York University
Robust and efficient recovery of sparse spherical harmonic expansions via l1 minimization
January 26th:Vladimir Rokhlin, Yale University
Accurate Randomized Algorithms of Numerical Analysis
February 2nd:Ben Stamm, UC Berkeley
Reduced Order Computations of complex scattering problems
February 9th:David Nolan, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, University of Miami
The angular momentum cycle in tropical cyclones: transport, dissipation, and redistribution by waves
February 16th:August Johansson, UC Berkeley
Blockwise Adaptive Finite Element Solution of a Coupled PDE-ODE System
February 23rd:Qin Xu, National Severe Storms Laboratory, NOAA
Mathematical problems in radar wind data quality control and assimilation
March 2nd:Alethea Barbaro, UCLA
Mathematical models of fish migration
March 9th:Ethan Atkins, UC Berkeley
The Implicit Particle Filter: Overview and Application
March 16th:Mahadevan Ganesh, Colorado School of Mines
Navier–Stokes equations on rotating surfaces: Regularity, algorithm, analysis, and simulation
March 23rd:Spring Break
March 30th:Howard Stone, Princeton University
Transport processes and multiphase flows: (I) Shear-induced diffusion and (II) Developments of biofilms during flow
April 6th:Jakub Kominiarczuk, UC Berkeley, LBNL
Renormalization, sampling and graphical models
April 13th:Adi Rangan, Courant Institute (NYU)
A diagrammatic population-dynamics framework for neuronal networks
April 20th:Eli Shlizerman, University of Washington
Dimension reduction: From Soliton Dynamics to Neural Networks
April 27th:Matti Morzfeld, UC Berkeley
Implicit sampling for data assimilation
May 4th:Sara Zahedi, KTH, Stockholm
A uniformly well-conditioned, unfitted Nitsche method for interface problems