Spring 2012 Schedule

January 18th:Jianfeng Lu, Courant Institute
Multiscale analysis of solid materials: From electronic structure models to continuum theories
January 25th:Eric Cances and Yvon Maday, CERMICS and Paris VI
Numerical analysis of linear and nonlinear eigenvalue problems for electronic structure calculations
Feburary 1st:No seminar
February 8th:Lin Lin, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Recent developments of fast algorithms for Kohn–Sham density functional theory
February 15th:Allan Sly, UC Berkeley Statistics
Phase Transitions and Sampling
Feburary 22nd:No seminar
February 29th:No seminar (Bowen lectures)
March 7th:William Collins, Earth Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
Reliable Projections of Strange Weather: How Good is Good Enough?
March 14th:No seminar
March 21st:David Nicholls, University of Illinois, Chicago
A Boundary Perturbation Method for Recovering Interface Shapes in Layered Media
Marth 28th:Spring Break
April 4th:Alex Bayen, UC Berkeley Systems Engineering
Estimation of Traffic Using Hamilton–Jacobi Equations
April 11th:No seminar
April 18th:Jonathan Weare, University of Chicago
Coarse graining results in crystal surface relaxation
April 25th:Selim Esedoglu, University of Michigan
Threshold dynamics for the mean curvature motion of networks with unequal surface tensions
May 2nd:Fei Lu, University of Kansas
Convergence of Densities of Some Functionals of Gaussian Processes