Spring 2014 Schedule

January 22nd:Lin Lin, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Fast algorithms for electronic structure analysis
January 29th:TBA
February 5th:Mickael Chekroun, University of California, Los Angeles
Non-Markovian Reduced Equations for Stochastic PDEs
February 12th:TBA
February 19th:Aleksandar Donev, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences
The Truth about diffusion (in liquids)
February 26th:TBA
March 5th:Nancy Nichols, University of Reading
A moving-mesh technique together with data assimilation for simulating glaciers and ice sheets
March 12th:Peter Deuflhard, Freie Universitat Berlin
The Smile of the Mathematicians. Mathematical Modelling and Simulation in Facial Surgery.
March 19th:Jonathan Goodman, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, NYU
Affine invariant sampling
March 27th:
Thursday, 11:00-12:00pm in 939 Evans.
Melanie Ades, University of Reading
The equivalent-weights particle filter
April 2nd:Charbel Farhat, Stanford
DGLM: A high-order discontinuous Galerkin method with Lagrange multipliers for advection diffusion problems
April 9th:Panayiotis Papadopoulos, University of California, Berkeley
Multiscale modeling in continuum mechanics: A connection to the Irving-Kirkwood procedure.
April 16th:Jeffrey Donatelli, LBL and University of California, Berkeley
An Algorithmic Framework for X-ray Nanocrystallographic Reconstruction in the Presence of the Indexing Ambiguity
April 23rd:Sam Kanner, University of California, Berkeley
Towards the Hybrid Simulation of Floating Vertical-Axis Wind Turbines
April 30th:Russel Caflisch, University of California, Los Angeles
From PDEs to Information Science and Back
May 7th:Maria Cameron, University of Maryland
Computing the asymptotic spectrum for networks representing energy landscapes