Spring 2016 Schedule

January 20th:No seminar this week
January 27th:No seminar this week
February 3rd:Kranthi Mandadapu, UC Berkeley
Homogenization of thermo-mechanical continua using extensive physical quantities: Theory and Simulation
February 10th:John Harlim, Penn State University
Diffusion Forecast: A nonparametric modeling approach
February 17th:Laura Stricker, Max-Planck-Gesellschaft
Numercial study of artificial microswimmers propelled by Marangoni flow
February 24th:Wotao Yin, University of California, Los Angeles
Asynchronous Parallel Computing in Signal Processing and Machine Learning
March 2nd:Jarrod McClean, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Hybrid Quantum-Classical Algorithms for Large Eigenvalue Problems
March 9th:Edriss S. Titi, Texas A&M University and Weizmann Institute of Science
Continuous Data Assimilation for Geophysical Models Employing Coarse Mesh Observables
March 16th:David Kelly, Courant Institute
Ergodicity in data assimilation methods
March 23th:Spring Break
March 30th:Xiu Yang, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Enhancing Sparsity in Uncertainty Quantification Problems by Iterative Rotations
April 6th:Laslo Diosady, NASA Ames
A space-time discontinuous-Galerkin spectral element method for compressible flows
April 13th:Reinhold Schneider, TU Berlin
Tensor networks and hierachcial tensors for quantum phyiscs and more
April 20th:Anna Lieb, UC Berkeley
What can numerical fluid mechanics tell us about intermittent urban water supply?
April 27th:Xiangxiong Zhang, Purdue University
Positivity-preserving high order discontinuous Galerkin schemes for compressible Navier-Stokes equations
May 4th:Meire Fortunato, UC Berkeley
High-order mesh generation and mesh adaptation