Finite Expression Method: A Symbolic Approach for Scientific Machine Learning

Haizhao Yang, University of Maryland
2/28, 2024 at 11:10AM-12:00PM in 939 Evans (for in-person talks) and

Machine learning has revolutionized computational science and engineering with impressive breakthroughs, e.g., making the efficient solution of high-dimensional computational tasks feasible and advancing domain knowledge via scientific data mining. This leads to an emerging field called scientific machine learning. In this talk, we introduce a new method for a symbolic approach to solving scientific machine learning problems. This method seeks interpretable learning outcomes via combinatorial optimization in the space of functions with finitely many analytic expressions and, hence, this methodology is named the finite expression method (FEX). It is proved in approximation theory that FEX can avoid the curse of dimensionality in discovering high-dimensional complex systems. As a proof of concept, a deep reinforcement learning method is proposed to implement FEX for learning the solution of high-dimensional PDEs and learning the governing equations of raw data.